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Virus & Spyware Removal

If your computer seems to have a mind of its own or your programs are no longer functioning quite right, you could have a virus. No computer is completely immune to virus, even with the best antivirus protection.

Viruses are codes written by people with the specific intent to cause harm to your data or system. Some viruses are so versatile that your computer can be attacked just by being "online", even if you aren't actively surfing or reading email.

Spyware is the term for small programs frequently attached to "free" programs you can download from the web. Free screensavers, weather trackers, coupon printers and widgets come with spyware and adware attached in order to track your activities and target you with marketing spam through your email or browser.

Kim's Computer Service can put you back in charge of your computer and remove malicious programs wreaking havoc with your machine.

System Cleanup

Remember how fast your computer was the first day you brought it home?

Let us clean up your system and return it to it's former speed and efficiency. Most cleanups only take a day. When we're finished you'll feel like you have your new computer back for a fraction of the cost of a new one.


Share information between your computers without email or memory sticks. Save money by sharing one printer. Get rid of the tangled mess of wires and go wireless! We do it all for your home or business.


Hardware Repair

Like most mechanical parts, computer hardware doesn't last forever.

Is your computer making odd noises? Does it seem to be running hotter than before or shutting off for no reason?

We will assess your system and recommend a cost effective solution.


Photo Restoration

Get out the old family heirlooms and bring them to us for photo restoration. Are your photos torn, faded or discolored. We can bring them back to life. We have been restoring photos for the past 15 years. Photos that you can barely make out can usually be brought back to life. Various sizes to reproduce to. Ask us about the donkey that ate the box of photos? Yes, we repaired all of them.


Data Recovery

We've all been there. You accidentally deleted the photos taken at Grandma's 90th birthday party or the work project you spent the last 3 months working on. We can help!

Bring us your system or hard drive and we may be able to get back your lost data.

Backup Solutions

The keyword here is "Backup! Backup! Backup!"   I know, you didn't backup and now everything is gone.  Come on in the ask us about the numerous backup solutions that we can provide for you.  You will be glad you did.



Learn to use the full capabilities of your computer through individual classes. Move at your own pace while using your equipment or ours. Receive instruction in our office at the class rate or in your home at an hourly rate.


With the internet at their fingertips, beginning users will learn to surf the web, find topics of interest, set up and use email and download and save files. Advanced users will learn how to refine their current methods and receive more satisfactory results.


Still manually tracking your personal or business finances? Be accurate to the penny in just a fraction of the time. Simplify tax time with built-in reports and forms. Let us show you how QuickBooks and Quicken can help you get an accurate look at your financial picture.


Call us today to make an appointment!


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